About 'Singa 2020: Paint It Yourself'
The "Singa 2020: Paint It Yourself” programme was launched among schools and corporations to allow participating organisations to paint a blank Singa the Lion figurine, which was then to be exhibited to the public. Singa the Lion, hence becomes the enabler for us to express the desire to spread the message of kindness, and to share the joy and beauty that is found within each and everyone of us.

With COVID-19, the format of the on-ground exhibition was changed to an online one, and many of the figurines are generously put up for online public adoption by the participating organisations, with proceeds going towards supporting the President’s Challenge 2020.

Dr William Wan, General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement, is here to share more about this meaningful programme, and the message of kindness behind it.
'Adopted' figurines will be delivered after the end of the on-ground exhibition currently planned for in Feb 2021.